Gluten Free and Glamorous

Hey y'all! My name's Allison and I've been gluten-free (Celiac) for about 7 years. My goal is to spread information about the GF lifestyle (especially in Washington, DC) and provide an easy list of safe products.

Why did I start this blog?

When browsing the web right after I got diagnosed with Celiac, a lot of women were swearing by organic creams and conditioners.  But with thick ,curly hair and unruly, dry skin, the all-natural thing wasn't doing it for me.  I decided to compile a list of mainstream products that are safe (or not) for the increasing number of Celiacs out there. 

More recently, I've decided to make this site a bit more bloggy and less informational.  I hope you enjoy!

Helpful Sites to Make Life Easier: provides easy-to-understand info about both Celiac disease and dietary restrictions just a great resource for food, including shopping, and overall health this site has great recipes and sponsors various newsletters and a magazine all designed to make life...well, better.

Must-Have Resources for Any GF Gal (or Guy):

The Gluten-Free Bible by Jax Peters Lowell

-This includes an explanation of Celiac in numerous languages, making GF travel much easier!

Gluten-Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman

Ready-made GF Flour--

(even for the GF chef, ready-made flour is great for on-the-go eats and small quantities needed in any recipe). I'm a big fan of Bob's Red Mill, but there are many mixes out there.  Some focus more desserts (such as an Almond-based mix), while others are more savory (usually have a bean-flour base).  Just remember that especially with baked goods, adding your own levels of Xanthum is necessary most of the time!

Kick start your cooking skills with great GF renditions of your old favorites, or simply find something new!

Check out these websites:


Such a pesky grain...

~"Gluten Free, Whether you Need it or Not," NYT

~ It affects your kids, too! NYT

What's New On The Site: 

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Who Knew?

Degree (a Unilever company along with Dove, Sunsilk, Pond's and Vaseline) posted this helpful advice on their FAQ section:
In labeling our products, our company follows the guidelines established by the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients (INCI). Therefore, if we use an ingredient derived from a grain such as wheat, oat, rye and / or barley, those names will appear on the label, i.e. "Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein". If you see this name on the label, the material was derived from wheat, so the product may contain gluten.

On the other hand, P&G (who owns Secret and Pantene among others) sent this to me:

We know Celiac is a serious disease, so we want to give you clear information regarding the use of our beauty care products.  If wheat and/or gluten aren't directly added to a product by us, these ingredients won't be listed on our packages.  Like many companies, we often purchase the scents for fragranced products from outside suppliers, and the components of these substances are proprietary information belonging to those companies. Therefore it's possible that a very small amount (generally parts per million) of gluten may be present.

We sought advice from physicians; they told us it would be very unlikely a person with Celiac disease would have a reaction from a trace amount of gluten coming into contact with his skin or hair.  This is because wheat, rye, barley and/or gluten generally cause symptoms when they're ingested.  Since our beauty care products are designed to be used externally on the skin, their use shouldn't be an issue for someone with this disease.

Since gluten sensitivity can vary among people, it would be best if you consulted with your physician about the use of all types of consumable goods, if you haven't already.  You might even consider using one of our fragrance free products that doesn't list gluten or wheat extracts on the label.

As we know, what you put on your skin is important for Celiacs- so I'm on a mission to check ingredients.  Stay with me!


What is Celiac? 
Great article about what Celiac Disease is, and possibly how to fix it
Check it out below!
  This article is by Alessio Fasano and was printed in Scientific American.
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What will the health care bill do for Celiacs?

Living Without has recently published an interview providing answers for questions relating to the monumental bill and Celiacs everywhere. 

Newly diagnosed?

The University of Chicago has set up an easy-to-use website with the basics about Celiac and following a gluten-free diet!

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