After a long hiatus from the gluten-free blogging world, I've made a couple of new discoveries that I think are important for the g-free world:

1. DC is in SERIOUS need of some better gluten-free restaurants! But let's be real- the nation's capital should step on it.  When I was living in Colorado, EVERYTHING had a gluten-free option. I'm in the process of compiling a list that includes restaurants with either a gluten-free menu or at least some options. But I HAVE to give a shout-out to the surprisingly wonderful gluten-free locale I found this summer.  Are you ready?  It's probably not what you'd expect.

It's the National's Baseball stadium!  They have a couple of G-free carts around that have all sorts of gluten-free yummies.  They'll serve you a hot dog on a gluten-free Udi's bun, a g-free local beer (Redbridge is brewed in Williamsburg, VA) or some caramel popcorn to die for! Just be prepared for the steep prices found a ball parks.  

2.  I'm still searching for some good gluten-free baked goods recipes, but I think I've found the one-stop shop in Elana's Panty.  Just type that into google and you'll find so many great recipes you won't know where to start!  My favorite: her brownies.  Here's the great part- there's no flour whatsoever in them.  The main ingredient is almond butter so they come out really gooey and delicious!