Bagels are something that are really hard to fine a g-free replacement for because of their unique texture.  But I think after much trial and error, I've found a pretty great alternative.  Glutino's gluten-free bagels, I like the sesame ones, are super yummy.  Like most gluten-free food, it needs to be frozen, thawed and then toasted, but the process is well worth the result when you get to munch on a warm bagel and cream cheese like the rest of America.  It's been super hard for me in college while I watch my friends eat bagels and warm muffins at Sunday brunch while I poke and my hash browns and fruit (all that my school can provide with when it comes to all my food preferences and allergies.  But now...I get to eat that bagel too!!  At home, our local store carried them in their natural food section, but in Colorado Whole Foods appears to be their main supplier.  Check them out if you get a chance.