My posts seem to relate to food more often than cosmetics, maybe because I've already figured out which products work for me.  Yet while searching gluten free pizza parlors around my area, I was struck by how little representation we Celiacs have.  According to UrbanSpoon, gluten-free friendly entails available salads, not alternative dishes you would expect when dining at an upscale pizza joint or sit-down bistro.  Alas, few restaurants choose to spend time finding alternatives and mapping out an expansive g-free menu.  Why?  The disease contributes to health issues in 1/130 of the world's population, and it can be damaging enough to have us covered under the ADA.  When I found a dedicated gluten-free bakery near by, its home page didn't advertise their newest product or employee, but featured a plea to get people involved in getting the word out.  Let me expand a bit- like most communities, we have a local paper that features the best of the best in a yearly competition.  But there is not a gluten-free section- not even a little one.  Why?  "There are not enough concerned parties."  Say what?  As readers know from earlier posts, I had to fight my school to get adequate g-free food (I had a pizza the other day!!)- and my school prides itself in local, healthy eating- vegan every day and always is willing to accommodate you.  My area has 2 dedicated bakeries, the number one pizza joint just started making a gluten free pizza available upon request- yet there are not enough concerned parties!?!  I couldn't help but be shocked by the assumption.  I'm not asking for a section for "picky eaters"- this is a legitimate medical concern that is being addressed all over the world!!

Did you know there is not a single demographic that is spared of Celiac.  It's everywhere- it is not just the world's most obese nation- EVERYONE.  Yet a Colorado newspaper considers there to be too few concerned parties.  Well, I can tell you there is at least one concerned party!!