This is gonna be a long one!

Snack update:
Remember those Quaker Chewy bars that always hit the spot when you were a kid? Well they've made a gluten-free one! Unfortunately, not Quaker :( Vans, the guys that bring you Eggo-style waffles that can brighten your morning also make a snack bar worthy for your tummy.  I give it 5 stars.

Beer is just part of American culture, especially when you're in college.  I'm a HUGE fan of cider, but I know plenty of people with new gluten issues that just can't make the switch.  There's hope! Omission, a new line based in Oregon has been taking GF awards left and right.  What makes them different? They use ACTUAL BEER! Well, sorta.  They've come up with this crazy scientific process that takes the gluten out of the beer! Skeptical? I get it.  I was, too.  But they test EACH batch individually and sent it to a lab.  They post their results too.  Just type in the batch number to their website (linked above) and you'll see the results.  My brother (wheat-free but not gluten-free) and I both tried it-- even he thought it was good! 

General Thoughts:
With celebrities like Miley Cyrus tweeting about being GF, I'm sure its popularity has sky-rocketed. Even for those that do it for "general health reasons."  I'm not judging! I know lots of people who have lost migraines, fibromyalgia symptoms and the like by going "against the grain". 

 So I'm going to use this new-found publicity to my advantage. When I order a bunless burger from my local bar, they now respond "gluten?".  I love it.  I can't tell you how much easier that makes my life.  They suggest a side of fruit or a small salad as a replacement for not-totally-safe fries.  It sure beats asking, "Do you use the oil for anything else?"

Ok, that wasn't too long was it?? Didn't think so :)