I've tried for years to get a decent GF bread.  It's usually crumbly or tasteless.  But I finally found bread that nearly mimics normal wheat bread.  Udi's, a bakery based out of Denver, has created a GF line that rivals any other.  It's still pretty small, and maybe not outside of the state of Colorado, but it's delicious.  They have both whole-wheat and white bread loafs, as well as yummy muffins.  I've found them at King Soopers grocery stores as well as local farmer's markets.  King Soopers puts them in the frozen food section, but these breads can easily handle staying out of the fridge (unlike most gf baked goods).  I just spent all weekend skiing, and had great GF sandwiches at my fingertips for lunch.  I forgot how good a simple sandwich could be!!