So, now that I'm officially intolerant of three major food groups/allergens (gluten/wheat, eggs and dairy) food is becoming more of a challenge every day.  Especially eating out.  Now I've found some great restaurants that cater fairly well to all these restrictions, but soy sauce remains a huge issue.  Wheat is the #2 ingredient in most brands.  And I for one LOVE sushi and soy sauce on everything.  So I bring my own!! Wheat-free tamari is available at most supermarkets, and tends to contain much less sodium than classic soy, so its even more beneficial.  I've taken to carrying an old spice jar to restaurants, but I've also found a great alternative in a spray bottle.  Liquid Aminos, made by Bragg, is amazing- not to mention a little less worrisome than an old spice jar in my purse. Even if you're not gluten-free, it's a great low-sodium, pretty much low-everything addition to food.  Now adding extra flavor to meals and eating out for sushi is easy.