I'm just going to continue the theme of food I've started.  Being a college student, our restaurants include those amazing and slightly-above-fast-food joints that give you great meals for a good price.  Those include pizza, pasta, sandwich and ethnic food places- so obviously not gluten free, right? WRONG!! Turns out great places like Panera Bread, Noodles and Company, Tokyo Joe's and even IHOP have g-free options.  I was at Noodles last night (who'd have thought judged by the title of this post?!), and was told most of their sauces were gluten-free, and rice noodles could  be substituded for most dishes. I had their pesto with rice noodles and it was fabulous!! Eating pasta again was such a good feeling, I pretty much felt the need to clean the bowl.  When I asked around, people said Panera's soups and salads are mainly g-free, you just have to ask and Tokyo Joe's can use wheat-free tamari.  Even IHOP (scary with the word pancakes in the name) has g-free options like their scrambles and hash browns!  So check out these great places when you get a chance for a cheap and fun g-free meal.