The Freshman 15 is a myth to me- instead of gaining weight I've lost it as I struggle to get enough yummy food out of my school's food service.  The school is fairly accommodating, but while my friends get to load their plates with pizza, burgers and pastas, I have to settle for salads and rice combos.  Don't get me wrong, eating well comes much easier with a restricted diet, but sometimes I just NEED the greasy pizza or yummy pasta.  And the school just can't figure it out yet.  It's super hard, and something a fairly large number of students go through each day.  I'm not a big meat-eater, either, so protein is a struggle...which is why my new strategy has become befriending the kitchen staff.  They're all great people...very friendly and almost always remember who you are.  But it's now at a different level.  Now, they bring me out the hidden stash of g-free bread from the back and ask for suggestions on food.

Although I still crave the bread and pasta my friends eat in front of me, I feel I've won a little battle against the food gods in my favor...and maybe a friendlier kitchen for all :)