Ok, so in the process of creating this website, I've been dealing with a LOT of companies.  Most of them have been pretty helpful, responding with full lists of ingredients or at least directing me to the right source.  Yet at the same time there are companies that haven't been overly helpful.  Instead of providing product lists, they tell me their company physician (not Celiac expert) does not think any wheat in a beauty product can cause a problem.  Ugh.  We all know thats not the case- that especially for products near your mouth, nose and eyes gluten-free can be the difference between a happy you and a red-eyed, itchy, you.  In the case of these companies, my only advice is to read ingredients, usually found on their website if not on the bottle- I have a pretty thorough list of ingredients, so hopefully you'll have enough knowledge to find out what's ok and what's not.