Any g-free foodie with a sweet tooth (aka me) struggles to find a decent snack that's sweet but not a candy bar, and something a little more fun than a cheese stick and a handful of almonds.  
And I think I might have found them! My class schedule means that lunch sometimes consists of a granola bar, but that gets boring.  I began to get a little more creative: with great results! First, I made these delicious zucchini chocolate chip muffins from Elana's Pantry.  She doesn't use cupcake liners, but they help to make things a little less messy for an on-the-go alternative.  Second, quinoa cakes.  I haven't quite mastered these, but they're perfect with left over quinoa from another meal.  I like to add feta and some herbs, but I'm sure you could add whatever.  All it takes is shaping them into patties and quick-frying them in some olive oil.  Yummy, quick and full of protein. And then there's the tried-and-true bar that is always living in my school bag: Kind Bars- how can you not love a compact PB&J??