So here I am getting information on many cosmetic products, insuring that people who have Celiac disease don't react, but have completely neglected one major skincare product-deodorant!!  Silly, right?  But obviously an important one, saying that our underarms are extremely sensitive.  I'm working on it so no worries, but be sure to check ALL of your beauty products- including ones you wouldn't really think of.  Chapstick/lipstick is also super important as we tend to lick it off.

On another note, there's plenty of information about gluten and alcohol out there. Obviously, beer (except the newer gfree brews) are out of the picture but what about the rest of it?

My older brother was just diagnosed with a fairly severe wheat allergy and one of his first questions regarded alcohol.  Many people suggest that because most (hard) alcohol is distilled once or twice any gluten is broken down and is no longer present in the alcohol.  But some people still react??  Here's a sticky situation that every Celiac has to figure out on their own, testing their bodies to find out if you respond to individual types of alcohol.  However, every drinker must check ingredients on certain liqueurs and flavored drinks because dyes and sweet flavors tend to be contain gluten. 

That's all the random thinking I have for now-